Essential Islamic Beliefs and Practice

This course covers the basics of Islām that all Muslims are obliged to know and practice; including the tenants of faith, Islamic cleanliness, prayer, fasting, Qurānic recitation and the life values the religion advocates. The course covers the basics of Islām in an approachable and practical way, making it an ideal course for new Muslims as well as a refresher for practicing Muslims.

The course is a joint project of islam4u and Jami`ah Online.


About the Course:

Course Starts: 1 August 2017

Duration: One Semester [Approx. 15 Weeks]

Weekly Time Commitment: One hour to participate in live lessons or watch recordings

Cost: R100

The Medium of Tuition: Please visit the ‘How our courses work’ page on the homepage.

Outline of the Course:

Qurānic recitation & memorization:

  • Recognition of the Arabic letters
  • Correcting pronunciation
  • Perfecting fluent recitation of Arabic texts
  • Memorization of selected portions of the Qurān
  • Memorization of the basic Prophetic Supplications in Arabic


  • Islāmic beliefs
  • Purification
  • Prayer
  • Fasting
  • Basic Islāmic history
  • Islamic Values & morals

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Call: +27827868651

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