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    Certificate in Islamic Studies and Arabic

    For the Serious Seekers of the Sacred Knowledge
  • Jami`ah Online

    Jami`ah Online

    Facilitating the Study of the Islamic Sciences & Arabic Online Making Traditional Islamic Learning Accessible

About us

About us

Jami`ah Online is a project of Jami`ah al-Ulum al-Islamiyyah.

[Click on the link to read more about Jami`ah al-Ulum al-Islamiyyah: www.jamiah.co.za]

Our objective is to provide a platform for teaching and learning the traditional Islamic Sciences through innovative yet simple channels online.

Our aim is to create access to the Islamic Sciences to all, thus unlocking the restrictions of time and place.

Our teachers are traditional Sunni scholars who are driven by a passion to disseminate Islamic knowledge in the best possible way to the widest of audiences.

Our scholar base is widely represented just as our parent body is.

We are offering short courses in the various fields and an intensive, comprehensive course in Islamic Studies and Arabic.